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Parrot Boarding in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Home from home, health checked holiday boarding for your parrots

"I have known Ginny & Kim for a significant number of years providing veterinary healthcare and advice for their flock.   Prior to launching The Parrot Lodge, we sat down and discussed the best approach to providing a boarding service which included the vital issue of bio security and the need for routine disease screening.   I am delighted that Ginny & Kim have set themselves apart from others and taken forward this approach.  This is the only boarding approach that I would personally support.  Their knowledge of parrots is very sound, their passion for parrots and their welfare is very strong and the commitment to all parrots in their care is unwavering.    It is my pleasure to support Ginny & Kim's venture and the Great Western Exotics team are always on hand to provide advice and veterinary care to all of their feathered family and guests.  I am delighted that there are now also a small number of similar facilities in other areas of the country and would urge anyone to stimulate and support, similar facilities, offering the same high level of biosecure holiday boarding for parrots".


Dr Neil Forbes (BVetMed Dip ECZM (avian) FRCVS)

Neil Forbes